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Member Organization External Website IRIS Listings
Ariss Place Residential Care & Treatment  IRIS
Avalon Treatment Programs  IRIS
Bayfield Treatment Centres  IRIS
Carpe Diem Foster Homes  IRIS
Catulpa Community Support Services ASSOCIATE MEMBER 
Christian Horizons - Central District  IRIS
Community Living Toronto  IRIS
Connor Homes  IRIS
Country Haven Acres  IRIS
DLC Residential Services  IRIS
Eagle's Nest: A Place to Soar Inc. Indigenous Foster Care  IRIS
Expanding Horizons Family Services Inc.  IRIS
Jen's Place  IRIS
Johnson Children Services/Johnson Adult Foster Care  IRIS
Kennedy House Youth Services  IRIS
Key Assets Ontario  IRIS
Little House Residential Care Services Inc.  IRIS
Lumenus Community Services ASSOCIATE MEMBER 
Nairn Family Homes  IRIS
Oakdale Child and Family Service  IRIS
Partners in Parenting  IRIS
Regesh Family & Child Services  IRIS
Satori Homes  IRIS
Stepping Stones Foster Care  IRIS
Stewart Homes  IRIS
Venture Academy  IRIS