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OARTY Committees work to meet the needs of the membership. Composed of dedicated volunteers representing numerous member agencies, these individuals work diligently and provide appropriate recommendations on behalf of the membership to the Board of Directors, thereby ensuring that member needs are given the utmost importance.


Major committee recommendations and association endeavours are reported to members at KIND (Knowledge, Information and Networking Day) and the Annual General Meeting.  Regional Representatives are also in place to ensure that local issues are brought forward to the Board of Directors. This cycle of feedback and contribution from the membership is key to the success of the association.

Working Committees

Conference Committee
Plans & delivers annual conference; determines educational opportunities for members.

Government & Stakeholder Affairs Committee
Identifies and responds to current and emerging government and stakeholder issues; develops policy positions that promote the interests of OARTY members; mobilizes OARTY membership in implementing corporate strategy.

IT Committee
Plans and develops information technology resources for the association and its member agencies.

Member Services Committee
Determines and responds to the needs of OARTY members and ensures membership value.  The Committee ensures that provincial activities are exercised within each OARTY region; enables members’ issues and concerns to be communicated and responded to by the Board of Directors.

Research Committee
Determines and conducts research projects relevant to members and stakeholders.

Standing Committees

Nominations & Governance Committee
Is responsible for the recruitment, nomination and orientation of board members, the evaluation of board members and the overall governance of the board itself.  The Committee is also tasked with succession planning and ensuring compliance with bylaws and governance policies.

Finance & Audit Committee
Ensures that financial administration policies, accounting systems, internal financial standards, management authorities and controls and practices are established and maintained; ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

HR & Compensation Committee
Ensures the development of comprehensive human resources policies related to management of staff and volunteer resources.

Provincial Meetings

Member feedback is provided through the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June, and via members' only sessions at the Annual Conference in June and at the KIND (Knowledge, Information and Networking Day) in October. Attendance at these meetings enables all members to come together as a group of like-minded individuals who share common concerns.  It provides the opportunity to share ideas, network and discuss organizational directions. The AGM provides an opportunity to determine Board of Directors representation for the coming year.

Regional Meetings

Member feedback and engagement is key to the success of the association and is obtained through discussion either by phone, email or in person at regionally held meetings. Members are able to join in discussions and meetings in any of the following OARTY Regions:

  • Central/Toronto
  • East
  • North
  • West