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OARTY has conducted six major Partners in Care (PIC) research projects, and conducts ongoing research through various sector-wide surveys and the collection of annual statistics from our member agencies. Below you can find links to the PIC research reports and our annual reports which include the statistics collected from member agencies.

OARTY Annual Reports


OARTY's annual reports include statistics collected from our member agencies which detail various metrics including: the number of programs; the number of children, youth, and adults served; the number of foster families and staff; and other important metrics. For copies of older reports, please contact the OARTY office.


  OARTY 2019 Annual Report

  OARTY 2018 Annual Report

  OARTY 2017 Annual Report


Partners in Care (PIC) Research Reports 


OARTY has conducted six major research projects:  Partners in Care (PIC) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  These reports provide a detailed profile of the children placed in the care of OARTY agencies, and have been used extensively in OARTY's advocacy.  Research for Partners in Care is undertaken on a biennial basis in order to ensure timely and relevant information on our sector is available.


OARTY's most recent research report, Partners in Care (PIC) 6 was released in June 2015. Members can access the full report by logging in and clicking Research on the member navigation bar, or contact the OARTY Office at to order a copy of the full report ($30 for print, $10 for pdf).  Past reports are available publicly for download below. 


 Partners in Care 5 - Residential Care and Treatment: A Longitudinal Study of Outcomes (pdf)

Partners In Care 4 - Treating Ontario's Most Vulnerable Children (pdf)

Partners in Care 3(pdf)

 Partners in Care 2(pdf)