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IRIS, or Integrated Residential Information System, was developed OARTY to facilitate the appropriate and efficient matching and placement for individuals requiring out of home care in the province of Ontario. The system is a searchable database of out of home care and day treatment programs as provided by OARTY members. OARTY members provide care through group, foster, treatment foster, assisted and independent living, day treatment and other forms of care.

IRIS is not designed to replace the role of a resource worker in pre-screening programs/facilities in which to place children or adults, rather it is designed to assist the resource worker in obtaining information about available programs/facilities in a more timely fashion. The system was developed in consultation with community partners and educational institutions and can be utilized by individuals looking for out of home care for their loved one, and referral agencies looking for treatment and support for their clients. IRIS allows you to easily find an appropriate placement, thus ensuring that the individual in need gets the care and treatment they need in a timely manner.

Search over 200 programs on IRIS, or for more details download the IRIS brochure below.

IRIS Brochure (pdf)