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Conflict Resolution Resource Guide - Description

En Français: ressource portant sur la résolution de conflit - description en francais.pdf

In early 2013, the Youth Leaving Care Working Group released the Blueprint for Fundamental Change to Ontario’s Child Welfare System (the Blueprint) in light of My REAL Life Book – Report of the Youth Leaving Care Hearings recommendation to recognize and act on the need to fundamentally change the child welfare system to better prepare children and youth in care to succeed. One of the recommendations from the Blueprint highlighted the need for residential care providers to build the capacity of its staff to respond constructively to challenging child and youth behaviour by:

  • Attempting to understand the needs behind their behaviour and,
  • Addressing those behaviours in a manner that encourages children and youth to willingly accept and change their behaviour.

Specifically, it was recommended that caregivers are trained in conflict resolution, crisis prevention and de-escalation to prevent situations from escalating to the point where police are called to residences. This conflict resolution resource guide (herein, the Guide), funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, is intended to build the capacity of residential care providers to respond to conflict with residents in more restorative ways. It focuses on the strategies and tools that can be used in preventing and resolving conflict, building positive and healthy relationships, and building a group home culture and environment that fosters youth engagement and positive youth development.


Can you please tell me how this resource is really going to make a difference in my job?
This Conflict Resolution Resource Guide is intended to provide you with a resource that will enable you to test yourself on your knowledge and understanding of the many elements of conflict resolution. It will provide you with practical information and practical examples that you can use to strengthen your own skills. It will also provide information and strategies for you to use with the children and youth with whom you work and facilitate the development of their conflict resolution skills. You can use the references/resources listed at the end of the module to support or advocate for best practices in your setting.

How will this Resource Guide assist me in my role as a supervisor?

In your role as supervisor, you can use the Resource Guide as a training tool and/or you can also use the guide to strengthen your own skills of conflict resolution. The Resource Guide is organized in modules. Each module builds on the previous one. The modules can easily form the structure and content for staff training sessions. The activities are designed to be used with groups as well as individuals. You can use discuss each of the tools and how to use them during staff meetings; or conduct more formal training sessions.  You can use articles/resources in the reference list to use in Journal clubs or as background reading prior to clinical supervision.

The Guide
The Conflict Resolution Resource Guide - EN (pdf)
Le Guide Ressource de Résolution de Conflit -FR (pdf)

Introductory Webinar
English: to the Conflict Resolution Resource Guide.mp4
Francais: au Guide ressource portant sur la résolution de conflit.mp4