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OARTY, in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, developed the Capacity Building for Residential Service Providers to Respond Effectively to Investigations Conducted by the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Manual. The result of the project of the same name, the manual serves to prepare residential service providers for investigations conducted by the Investigation Unit of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (PACY).  Training was provided for residential service providers in Markham on November 16, 2017 and in Ottawa on December 8, 2017 to ensure as many providers as possible were able to attend.  You can access the presentation from these trainings, along with the compliance manual itself below.

Please note that following the release of the manual, PACY rebranded to OCA (Ontario Child Advocate).  The Ontario Child Advocate retains the legal name of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth, and this is the name referenced in this manual and in the corresponding forms.  In the manual you will find explanations and guidance regarding all stages of a PACY investigation, including how to communicate effectively with PACY, and internally with your staff and clients.  Sample policies, templates and forms are included to further assist with internal complaints processes and with the PACY investigations process.  The policies, forms and templates are provided below in pdf and in Word format to allow residential service providers to customize for use within their own agencies. 

Sample policies, templates and forms

The policies, forms and templates developed for the manual have been provided separately here in pdf and in Word format (the latter to allow for customization).   

PACY forms

The following sample forms created by PACY and included in the manual are provided separately here for your reference in pdf format.