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The objectives of OARTY are as follows:

A. To establish and operate a provincial network of direct service organizations providing out of home care and services for children, youth and adults in need who are developmentally challenged, medically fragile or emotionally disturbed with behaviour disorders or other complex care needs; 

B. To assist member organizations in developing and coordinating programs and resources to assist in the effective matching, placement and treatment of such children, youth and adults in need of out of home care and services;

C. To provide support and encouragement and to facilitate the healthy development of such children, youth and adults;

D. To promote excellence and ethical practices and to establish standards for the provision of high quality out of home care and services for such children, youth and adults in need;

E. To liaise and consult with and to work and cooperate with other child, youth and adult service providers, community organizations and government agencies, including children's aid societies, mental health centres and psychiatric facilities, educational institutions, hospitals, school boards, police and correctional departments, and relevant government ministries;

F. To provide educational and professional development programs for member organizations and to organize conferences, seminars, symposiums and other educational and information activities and services;

G. To create, maintain and share communications among service providers and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and knowledge between member organizations in order to facilitate the above objectives;

H. And such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects and not contrary to the laws relating to charities.