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Stewart Homes is a CARF Accredited agency. See note below for details.

"Stewart Homes operates ten staffed residences, five in Peterborough and five in Pickering.

Our homes are all large, and modern on a single level and all are fully wheelchair accessible. Three of our homes were designed by us and and built specifically for children with multiple challenges.

Our homes and programs are perfect for children who are physically and developmentally challenged as well as medically complex/fragile. Our primary goal for each child is that he or she obtain optimal physical and mental health.

Our Program Physician, DR. Mark Siegel, makes weekly visits to all residences for staff training and consultation as well as to provide medical services for our fragile clients.

Stewart Homes staff are in frequent contact with specialists and community resources such as The Hospital for Sick Children to assess the children's medical needs and design the most beneficial care plans possible. Occupational physiotherapy, speech, language, nutrition and other programs as needed are in place for all children.

Our staff is made up of developmental service workers, early childhood educators, registered nurses or registered practical nurses. There is a registered nurse on call for assessment or consultation in each region 24 hours per day. Children whose health allows it attend a day program. Children over five years of age attend various community school programs equipped with special adaptive equipment and staffed by experienced teachers, educational assistants and nurses.

Children under five, attend a Sensory Stimulation and Development Program operated by Stewart Homes. This activity based program uses community resources such as Variety Village, the community pool and library. All children participate in appropriate community activities such as swimming, Brownies, Beavers, horseback riding and library programs.

Families are encouraged and helped to remain involved with their children to the degree they are able and are always kept informed of their children's changing situations.

Please visit A brochure is available on request. Call (705) 743-8043."

Stewart Homes Community Services: Housing, Children and Adolescents (all ten of our residences) and Stewart Homes Community Services: Community Integration, Medically Fragile (our three day programs) were all Accredited by CARF for three years in August, 2011.

Primary Contact

Ms. Kim Erskine, Director
(705) 743-8043



Brealey Residence Group Home MF
Cameron Residence Group Home MF
Davidson Residence Group Home MF
Dr. Mark Siegel Residence Group Home MF
Else - Day Program Day Treatment Program DC MF
Guild One Residence Group Home MF
Guild Two Residence Group Home MF
Pickering Day Program Day Treatment Program DC MF
Pickering Preschool Day Program Day Treatment Program DC MF
Sheppard Residence Group Home MF
St. Catherine Residence Group Home MF
Valley Farm Road Residence Group Home MF
Wallis Residence Group Home DC MF


DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered