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New construction, state-of-the-art home for medically fragile children and infants. Opened OCTOBER 2003. Visit for details and photographs of the completed home.

This Residence was granted a full, three year, CARF Accreditation in 2011.

OARTY Member: Stewart Homes
Program/Facility Description: Staffed Residence for Medically Complex/Handicapped children and youth.
City: Peterborough
Ministry Region: East
For Ages: 99
Home Type: Group Home
Client Group: MF
Accredited By: CARF Canada
  • 0 Immediate
  • 0 30 Days
  • 0 60 Days
  • 0 90 Days

Accepted Conditions

1. Client Groups

Acquired Brain InjuryAdults
Ages 0-5Ages 12 and up
Ages 6-12Coed
Cultural AccommodationsDevelopmentally Challenged
Medically FragilePhysically Challenged
Technologically DependantTerminally Ill
Total CareWheelchair Bound

2. Diagnostic Features

No services offered in this category

3. Problematic Behaviours

No services offered in this category

4. Sexual Acting Out Behaviours (all ages)

No services offered in this category

5. Teen Issues

No services offered in this category

6.1 Health Care Requirements

Communicable Disease ManagementComplex Medication Management
Dietary ConsiderationsG-Tube Feeding
NG-Tube FeedingOxygen
Seizure ManagementSpecialized Feeding Requirements

6.2 Procedures from Regulated Health Professions Act, 1996

Administration of an Evacuation EnemaColostomy Care
Inhalation of Medical SubstancesInhalation of Oxygen
Insertion of an Evacuation SuppositorySubcutaneous Injection
Tracheotomy SuctioningUrinary Catheterization

7. School and Community

* Select the following criteria that are addressed through external education/community services, for internal supports, please denote in the appropriate categories.
Special Education Needs

8. Program Model

Staff Model Group Home

9. Program Treatment Services

Crisis Admission/EmergencyInfant/Preschool Program
Long Term Residental (2+ years)Palliative Care
PhysiotherapyPrivate School
RespiteSensory Stimulation
Services for the Deaf/BlindSpecialty Feeding
Summer Program

10. Professional Services Included in Set Rate (Professionals on staff and/or contracted at no additonal cost)

Clinical ConsultationNursing

11. Additional Community Provided Professional Services

Clinical ConsultationCommunication Specialists
Neurological ConsultationNeuropsychologist
Nutrition and Feeding ConsultationOccupational Therapy
Orthodontic SpecialistPediatrician
PhysiotherapySpeech Therapy