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Satori Homes Inc. is a Trauma Informed Therapeutic Foster Care Agency established to provide intensive and individualized services to children and youth in a family setting, utilizing specially trained and highly supervised Foster Care Providers.

At Satori Homes we:
- Place children/youth with foster parents who are carefully selected, trained and supervised and match the child/youths culture/identity (whenever possible), needs, capabilities and interests.
- Create, through a clinically led team approach, a treatment plan that builds on the child/youth's strengths and incorporates the components outlined in both the ONLAC and Developmental Assets building approach.
- Provide intensive oversight to the child/youth's treatment, often through daily contact with the Foster Care Providers.
- Provide an average of 2 hours of clinical support per week per child/youth.
- Provide and average of 10 hours of family support per week per child/youth by a trained Family Support Worker.
- Make available an array of therapeutic interventions to the child/youth, the child/youth's family and the foster family. Therapeutic Interventions may include Speech and Language, OT, DBT, TF-CBT, Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Grief Counselling, Family Systems Therapy and other forms of individual and/or group therapy (e.g. Art Therapy, Play, Music Therapy, Equine Therapy, etc...). The costs for these Therapeutic Interventions are covered within the Per Diem as part of our Custom Wellness Allowance Program.
- Make available opportunities to participate in recreation activities that include at least one camp experience. The cost for recreation activities is also included within our Per Diem.
- Empower the Treatment Foster Care Provider to act as a central agent in implementing the child/youth's treatment plan. This is accomplished by establishing a supportive network of foster families, on-going opportunities for professional development and a strong belief that a Foster Care Providers' sense of value and overall wellness contributes significantly to the success of each placement.
- Provide a responsive system of dedicated managers and supervisors available 24/7

We value quality of quantity and are committed to remaining a small agency that can be responsive to the needs of all people involved. This includes the child/youth, the bio/natural families, the foster families, the placing agency and our direct care staff.

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DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered