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GFLY is an organization that builds capacity with youth in the criminal justice system (Black and Indigenous youth as the focus) communities by delivering continuous support to clients in this sector. We here at GFLY are committed to using best practices to improve the overall outcomes for the youth in our program. Our agency is grounded on providing a family-like environment and focusing on continuous support for the youth which will provide consistency and enable the building of a supportive structure for the youth we serve. Our program reflects the growth of behavioural issues in the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual realms. Each client will have a specialized worker to assist them in creating a program that will prepare them for adulthood while still allowing them to enjoy their youth. All our homes will consist of a foster parent or mentor, a designated resource worker, and a specialized youth worker. We will also leverage our community partnerships to create opportunities for the youth to participate in mentorship and community engagement initiatives. We will have homes located all throughout the different regions in Ontario to best suit the needs of the youth we serve.

Adult support department
Follows QAM
Our Innovative programs and exercises are created for adults with complex needs (intellectual and/or developmental disabilities including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADHD, epilepsy, and other chromosomal abnormalities). GFLY develops independent living and creates life skills and enrichment programs for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Staffing Department
GUIDANCE FOR LOVED YOUTH supports clients in a family or organization setting with our exceptionally trained associates. We also support organizations and agencies that are experiencing staffing challenges. We are committed to providing one on one support for those in need. Our philosophy is influenced by “There are no bad children, just bad choices.” We view our youths’ as capable, competent, unique individuals who bring amazing qualities and knowledge to our community. Each youth is recognized and supported in a manner that respects their emotional, intellectual, and physical needs as well as their social skills and individuality.

Access visit Department
GUIDANCE FOR LOVED YOUTH, better known as GFLY is a team of professionals in the social sector field that assist with supporting families through custody or parenting issues. Our associates are dedicated, reliable, and highly trained in observation and documentation writing for court proceedings. Our services focus on making the child feel safe while making the visiting parent feel supported.

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Primary Contact

Ms. Shereen N Callender, CEO
(647) 502-0939



GFLY Foreverhome Assisted/Independant Living DC ED/BD


DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered