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OARTY has conducted six major research projects:  Partners in Care (PIC) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.  These reports provide a detailed profile of the children placed in the care of OARTY agencies, and have been used extensively in OARTY's advocacy.  Research for Partners in Care is undertaken on a biennial basis in order to ensure timely and relevant information on our sector is available.

OARTY's most recent research report, Partners in Care (PIC) 6 was released in June 2015. Members can access the full report by logging in and clicking Research on the member navigation bar, or contact the OARTY Office at to order a copy of the full report ($30 for print, $10 for pdf).  Past reports are available publicly for download below. 



Partners in Care (PIC) Reports from the Last 10 Years:

 Partners in Care 5 - Residential Care and Treatment: A Longitudinal Study of Outcomes (pdf)

Partners In Care 4 - Treating Ontario's Most Vulnerable Children (pdf)

Partners in Care 3(pdf)

 Partners in Care 2(pdf)