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Ridgeview Children's Home Inc. is a staff model, co-ed treatment facility, capable of serving eight residents with a variety of special needs. The admission age ranges from three to twelve years of age; however, the admission age may be extended due to diagnosis. Nevertheless, the program serves clients through to the age of eighteen, a return to family of origin or kinship, or a move to an adult support program.

Ridgeview's program is designed for residents who are dual or multi-diagnosed including Developmental Challenges. The consistent, structured programs are designed to meet the residents individualized needs. The majority of the residents have dual/multi diagnosis and have specific emotional, behavioural and/or medical needs; resulting from: pre-natal and/or birth defects; sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse; domestic violence; and/or family breakdowns.

The Home's mission is to provide a safe, supportive and caring environment; thus, encouraging the growth of each child to the level of maturity, reflective of his/her own potential. A nurturing and supportive setting with routines is provided; being both sensitive to and knowledgeable of their individual needs, as well as the reasons behind them; including medical, developmental and/or emotional needs.

Each resident will have the opportunity to experience meaningful and trusting relationships, as they learn to interact appropriately with peers and adults. Residents are given guidance and support in order to increase their levels of self esteem and confidence, as well as the opportunity to develop their recreational, academic, social and life skills, to the best of their ability. These skills will assist clients in accepting the responsibilities of living a productive life within the community. Ridgeview Children's Home Inc. is located in a residential area of London. It is also in close proximity to various recreational, academic and medical facilities.

Ridgeview Children's Home Inc. offers:
� a residential "home environment"
� life skills including; however, not limited to the following: banking/budgeting/shopping; meal preparation/baking; personal hygiene/care and awareness; general house cleaning; laundry/care of clothing; general house maintenance
� social skills
� behavioural modification program
� informal counselling (anger management, sexuality, grief/loss)
� access to recreational/extra curricular activities i.e. YMCA/YWCA; London Parks and Recreation Dept.; church youth groups
� travel and camp opportunities

We must keep in mind that children and youth learn through the environment in which they live. To have a productive role within the community, one must be personally willing to accept their own level of abilities and that of others. They must learn to request assistance from others when needed. It is believed, that with the lifestyle, structure, support and nurturing environment, combined with the professional staff and programs offered at Ridgeview Children's Home Inc., the children have the opportunity to attain these attributes.

Primary Contact

Maria Xavier, Executive Director
(519) 317-4190




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DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered