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When is a group home the best choice?

When a youth is at moderate-high risk for sexual re-offending.

When interrupted attachment presents in such disruptive behaviour that parents cannot sustain the process of forming attachment.

When supervision needs exceed what any parents can reasonably be expected to provide.

When there is no suitable home available.

When offending has re-occurred following other interventions.

Our program is relationship based. This is the key to our success. Youth tell us they know we care, and we see this reflected in dramatic behavioural changes. But change takes time and hard work from each youth, and from everyone supporting him. We are committed to the time and effort involved to support our clients into safer choices and safer behaviour.

The Raoul Wallenberg Centre is a 12 bed group home in London Ontario for youth ages 12-18 with a history of sexual offending. We use thorough psychological assessments to individualize programming for each resident.

Our two full time registered psychotherapists provide daily groups and weekly 1:1 counselling. We use evidence-based resources for development and education including the Brain Wise curriculum, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Our staff team provides constant support for residents to develop and to integrate what they are learning in the program.

We provide an on-site section 23 classroom, a life skills program, and the opportunity to attend local schools. We are experienced with mild-moderate developmental delays and with learning differences.

Supervision includes high staff: resident ratios, awake overnight staffing, and camera and microphone surveillance for common spaces.

Research recommends 18-24 months for residential sex-offense specific treatment. We have occasionally seen a resident complete his program in 12 months. Canadian Research also indicates that youth who receive the right level of response to their offending rarely re-offend sexually. (Reitzel& Carbonell, 2006, Worling, Littlejohn & Bookalam, 2010)

LGBTQ2S youth are welcome and encouraged to explore their identity, to dress well, according to their unique personality and taste, and to participate in community support groups.

Indigenous clients are very welcome at Wallenberg. We work closely with community partners to provide indigenous youth with access to the supports and services they want. 10 of our staff are San'Yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Certified, and we aspire to provide culturally sensitive and relevant programs.

Spirituality and religion: We encourage whole person development and support any interest in spirituality, cultural activities and personal heritage.

Youth deserve nothing less than whole-person developmental support, and research indicates that happy, busy people with adequate social skills have lowered risk levels for sexual offending. This means that recreation has a preventive effect and is a necessary component of a comprehensive sex-offense specific program. We advocate for arts and music lessons, sports, hobbies and other interests. We provide access to the Y, and all free community resources and suitable events. Our volunteers have created gaming clubs and a darts club for residents.

Recent graduates of Wallenberg have gone on to a variety of futures, including returning to family reunification, embarking on independent living, semi-independent living here in London, foster-care, and college. Several residents have secured work before graduation and have made a progressive transition out of the program into full time work and or school.

Talk to us about the youth you want to help. We welcome all inquiries.

Primary Contact

Mr. Timothy Tuckey, Executive Director
(519) 453-5214



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