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Co-Directors: Greg Simms & Christian Haut

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Our mission is to provide youth and adults who have social, emotional and behavioural problems, with a caring and supportive environment which encourages learning, change and growth through both individualized and group planning. Goals within that environment include positive development and transformation in interaction with family, school and community, peers and authority figures. Emphasis is on the learning of effective prosocial skills as alternatives to existing skill defects or maladaptive patterns of interaction.

Genesis has established a comprehensive residential program with a behaviourally based treatment of those with emotional, social or behavioural problems without limitation to specific profiles or exclusion thereof.
Realizing that every resident is an individual with unique needs, Genesis attempts to design specialized treatment plans for each resident which will ensure their comfort, security, personal growth and optimal treatment gains.

As many individual programs and needs are accommodated at Genesis, we are always careful to maintain a perceptive adaption of program guidelines, constant awareness of standards and a flexible organizational structure.

Presently Genesis Residential Treatment Program operates its program from two different residences:
1. Our adult treatment program for ages 16 +is located at 3 Crownhill Street in Gloucester.
2. Our Adult Daily Living Program for young men ages 16 and up is located at 775 Blair Rd. in Gloucester.

Primary Contact

Dr. Christiane Haut, Director
(613) 286-6580




Programs information not available.


DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered