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Connor Homes offers an opportunity for troubled children to grow within a home-like atmosphere. Our aim is to provide warm, understanding climate for children to mature towards responsible independence, with guidance and direction from couples experienced in child care. Our goal is to assist each child to develop into productive adults in society, capable of meeting the obligations inherent in social, family and community life.

Our homes are operated on a parent model basis because we feel that much of the progress made by our children stems from their living with people (often for the first time) who can demonstrate to them satisfactory ways of forming and maintaining good relationships with their peers. Every one of our homes is supported by qualified child care staff.

Therapeutic intervention comes by way of psychotherapists who meet with the children weekly to assess the theraputic goals as outlined in the Plan of Care.

Connor Homes serves adolescents and preadolescents who have a wide range of problems: developmental, emotional and behavioural. Children placed with us are normally between the ages of 8 to 16 years, although they may continue in the program until their 18th birthday or after, through our Independent Living Program. Specific admission criteria are discussed under Admission Policies and Procedures. We also have a complete Life Skills Program. In short Connor Homes provides an individualized care program at an all inclusive rate which offers so many features for children.

Primary Contact

Mr. Sean Connor, Regional Director (Central, South East and East)
(613) 447-9783




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DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered