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Oakdale Child & Family Service provides long and short term care in residential program facilities under the Child and Family Services Act.

Our emphasis is on treatment. We stress the training of functional skills which can be generalized to the home and community environment. Our residential program also offers an opportunity for recreational and community experience in a training environment which is highly structured and consistent.

Our Toronto program consists of Four Residences:
Commonly known as House 1, House 2, House 3, and House 4, they are located in the east end of Toronto, all within close proximity of one another.

House 1 offers individualized programs designed to meet the needs of young adolescent boys and girls with moderate to severe developmental delay and/or autism.

House 2 is a setting for adolescent males with emotional or psychological disturbances. Its location is ideal with easy access to the subway and amenities which encourages and facilitates life skills, independence, which is the focal point of the House 2 program.

House 3 is an intensely structured home serving the individual needs of young austistic children and as well, children with varying degrees of developmental delay. Some of our children served in this program are multi-handicapped.

House 4 serves as a transition house for residents who have reached 18 years of age and are waiting adult placements. The program centres around independent/semi-independent living with the emphasis on vocational/workshop training. One floor is occupied by the administrative offices.

Our Barrie program consists of Three Residences:
House 5 is a farm setting near Barrie for young boys with varying degrees of developmental delay and/or autism. It is a spacious setting and offers a structured program, various outdoor activities and community participation. The clients attend school or workshops in the community.

House 6 is located in Barrie, close to all amenities. The residents are higher functioning (borderline) mentally handicapped adolescents. The programs are designed for life skills and vocational training with the emphasis on community integration. Some clients are capable of using public transportation.

House 7 in Barrie serves as a transition house for young adults awaiting placement in adult settings. Please refer to House 4 for details.

Oakdale has a large summer home in Beaverton, Ontario which is occupied by all houses at scheduled times during summer vacation. The summer programs vary only slightly, but there is more emphasis on outdoor recreation.

Oakdale is a founding member of OARTY (Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth) and as such is involved in various committees with the Ministry, Children's Aid Societies, School Boards, etc., to ensure that the needs of the mentally challenged population are met and enhanced.

Oakdale follows the school of thought which proposes that our children with special needs be taught to respond to their environment in a ""normalized"" fashion and to behave accordingly. Hence, our primary goal is to teach independence in life skills, social and community awareness and to teach appropriate communication methods. Skilled staff model acceptable and appropriate behaviour and discourage undesirable behaviour through behaviour management techniques, with an emphasis on positive reinforcement.

Primary Contact

Lisa Bache
(416) 699-5600



1091 Woodbine Ave. House 3 Group Home DC
276 Chisholm Ave. House 1 Group Home DC
947 Woodbine Ave. House 2 Group Home DC
Amber House 5 Group Home DC
Cundles House 7 Group Home DC
Farm House 6 Group Home DC
Jacob House 4 Group Home DC
Jills Court House 9 Group Home DC
Joanne House 11 Group Home DC
Shirley House 10 Group Home DC
St. Vincent House 8 Group Home DC


DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered