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OARTY Member: Avalon Treatment Programs
Program/Facility Description: This foster home is located in London and is able to accommodate two children, male or female, aged 8 to 16.
City: London
Ministry Region: Central
For Ages: 8-16
Home Type: Foster Home
Client Group: ED/BD
Accredited By:
  • 0 Immediate
  • 0 30 Days
  • 0 60 Days
  • 1 90 Days

Accepted Conditions

1. Client Groups

Ages 12 and upAges 6-12
CoedDevelopmentally Challenged
Physical Abuse VictimsSexual Abuse Victims

2. Diagnostic Features

ADD/ADHD/Severe Learning DisorderAttachment Disorder
FASDObsessive Compulsive Disorder
Oppositional Defiant DisorderPhobias

3. Problematic Behaviours

Fearful/AnxiousShort Attention Span
Socially Delayed

4. Sexual Acting Out Behaviours (all ages)

No services offered in this category

5. Teen Issues

No services offered in this category

6.1 Health Care Requirements

No services offered in this category

6.2 Procedures from Regulated Health Professions Act, 1996

No services offered in this category

7. School and Community

* Select the following criteria that are addressed through external education/community services, for internal supports, please denote in the appropriate categories.
Special Education Needs

8. Program Model

Foster Care

9. Program Treatment Services

No services offered in this category

10. Professional Services Included in Set Rate (Professionals on staff and/or contracted at no additonal cost)

Clinical ConsultationPsychiatric Assessment
Psychiatric SupervisionPsychotherapy

11. Additional Community Provided Professional Services

Occupational TherapyPsychological Assessment
Speech Therapy