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With Eagle’s Nest, placing agencies will find Specialized Treatment Foster homes for individuals of all ages, genders and culture with special needs where they will be met with a safe, stable, and experienced home. Our agency's response varies according to the child’s unique abilities and needs. We strive to always accommodate each child’s special needs; we do not attempt to change it, just adapt to it so that the child is safe and able to function despite their uniqueness to each complexity. Sometimes, we actively change the way the child is thinking or acting so that their needs are satisfied. At Eagle's Nest, we label this treatment. It is important to state that we do not treat the child or youths diagnosis per se; we treat the dynamic needs of the child that prevent him/her from being fully integrated into society or functioning as normally as he/she can.

OARTY Member: Eagle's Nest: A Place to Soar Inc. Indigenous Foster Care
Program/Facility Description: Eagle’s Nest is pleased to offer a new program for children with pervasive developmental disorders, such as autism, special needs and PD-NOS. Eagle’s Nest has implemented an evidence-based program to meet the needs of such children. Our foster parents are trained and supported to meet the treatment needs and develop a greater capacity for our clients.
City: Kitchener
Ministry Region: West
For Ages: 18
Home Type: Foster Home
Client Group: DC MF
Accredited By: CARF Canada
  • 0 Immediate
  • 0 30 Days
  • 0 60 Days
  • 2 90 Days

Accepted Conditions

1. Client Groups

AboriginalAcquired Brain Injury
Ages 0-5Ages 12 and up
CoedCultural Accommodations
Developmentally ChallengedDual Diagnosis Clientele
Emotionally DisturbedLesbian, Gay, Bisexual
Medically FragilePhysical Abuse Victims
Physically ChallengedReligious Accommodations
Sexual Abuse VictimsTechnologically Dependant
Total CareTransgendered
Transitional Age Youth (16-18)Two-Spirited
Wheelchair Bound

2. Diagnostic Features

ADD/ADHD/Severe Learning DisorderAttachment Disorder
Autism Spectrum DisorderConduct Disorder
DyslexiaFailure to Thrive
FASDNonverbal/Communication Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive DisorderOppositional Defiant Disorder
Personality DisorderPhobias
Sleep DisorderSpina-bifida
Visual/Hearing Impaired

3. Problematic Behaviours

Bed WettingChronic Lying
Defiance (Excessive)Demanding (Excessive)
Eating DisordersFearful/Anxious
IncontinenceManipulative/Causes Conflict
Over-activePhysical Aggression Towards Others
Physical Aggression Towards PropertyPhysical Aggression Towards Self
Short Attention SpanSocially Delayed
Suicide AttemptsSuicide Threats/Ideation
TantrumsVerbally Abusive

4. Sexual Acting Out Behaviours (all ages)

Indiscriminate Affection/Promiscuous

5. Teen Issues

AbortionBirth Control
PregnancySexually Active Teen

6.1 Health Care Requirements

Apnea MonitorComplex Medication Management
Dietary ConsiderationsG-Tube Feeding
NG-Tube FeedingOxygen
Seizure ManagementSpecialized Feeding Requirements

6.2 Procedures from Regulated Health Professions Act, 1996

No services offered in this category

7. School and Community

* Select the following criteria that are addressed through external education/community services, for internal supports, please denote in the appropriate categories.
Special Education NeedsSuspensions

8. Program Model

Treatment Foster Care

9. Program Treatment Services

Anger ManagementAssertiveness Training
AssessmentBehaviour Management
Community Skills TrainingCrisis Admission/Emergency
Life Skills ProgramShort Term Residential Care (<1 year)
Social Skills Training

10. Professional Services Included in Set Rate (Professionals on staff and/or contracted at no additonal cost)

Behaviour Management ConsultationClinical Consultation

11. Additional Community Provided Professional Services

Art TherapyBehaviour Management Consultation
Clinical ConsultationCommunication Specialists
Dental specialistFamily Therapy
Group TherapyMusic, Drama and Other Therapy
Neurological ConsultationNeuropsychologist
NursingNutrition and Feeding Consultation
Occupational TherapyOrthodontic Specialist
Play TherapyPsychiatric Assessment
Psychiatric SupervisionPsychological Assessment
PsychotherapyRemedial Specialist
Respiratory TechnicianSpecial Education Consultant
Speech Therapy