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After Saratoga Residence Phone: 519-524-1374 ROLE AND MANDATE: To provide a residential setting for boys in need of an alternative living situation, who are able to benefit from a program where skills are learned, and applied to living situations, to develop the competence and confidence to successfully take on the day-to-day challenges. For further details on this program, please click here.
OARTY Member: Betamarsh Incorporated
Program/Facility Description: Independant Community Life Skills Program
City: Goderich
Ministry Region: West
For Ages: 18-25
Home Type: Foster Home
Client Group: DC ED/BD
Accredited By: Not Accredited
  • 0 Immediate
  • 0 30 Days
  • 0 60 Days
  • 0 90 Days

Program Rates

$276.62Staff Model Group Care

Accepted Conditions

1. Client Groups

Cultural AccommodationsDual Diagnosis Clientele
Emotionally DisturbedPhysical Abuse Victims
Physically ChallengedReligious Accommodations
Sexual Abuse VictimsSexual Offenders
Young Offenders

2. Diagnostic Features

ADD/ADHD/Severe Learning DisorderAttachment Disorder
Autism Spectrum DisorderBipolar
Borderline Personality DisorderConduct Disorder
DyslexiaFailure to Thrive
FASDNonverbal/Communication Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive DisorderOppositional Defiant Disorder
Personality DisorderPhobias
SchizophreniaSleep Disorder

3. Problematic Behaviours

Chronic LyingDemanding (Excessive)
Fearful/AnxiousManipulative/Causes Conflict
Physical Aggression Towards OthersPhysical Aggression Towards Property
Physical Aggression Towards SelfShort Attention Span
Socially DelayedStealing
TantrumsVerbally Abusive

4. Sexual Acting Out Behaviours (all ages)

Excessive Masturbation

5. Teen Issues

Birth ControlSexually Active Teen
Substance Abuse

6.1 Health Care Requirements

No services offered in this category

6.2 Procedures from Regulated Health Professions Act, 1996

No services offered in this category

7. School and Community

* Select the following criteria that are addressed through external education/community services, for internal supports, please denote in the appropriate categories.
No services offered in this category

8. Program Model

Foster Care

9. Program Treatment Services

Anger ManagementAssertiveness Training
Behaviour ManagementCommunity Skills Training
Life Skills ProgramLong Term Residental (2+ years)
Medium Term Residental (1-2 years)Milieu Therapy
Preparation for IndependenceRecreational Program
Short Term Residential Care (<1 year)Social Skills Training
Specialized Program for Transitional Age YouthSummer Program

10. Professional Services Included in Set Rate (Professionals on staff and/or contracted at no additonal cost)

Art TherapyBehaviour Management Consultation
Group TherapyPlay Therapy
Psychiatric AssessmentPsychiatric Supervision

11. Additional Community Provided Professional Services

Art TherapyPlay Therapy
Psychiatric Assessment