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OARTY in partnership with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, is working on a project to develop and build the capacity of residential service providers to follow a consistent, sector-wide approach to responding to investigations conducted by the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (PACY).

The project’s focus is on developing an approach that will support effective communication between PACY and residential service providers, as well as the efficient use of residential provider resources (e.g. human and financial). The project will also enable all residential service providers, including OARTY members and non-OARTY members, to learn from issues raised in the course of investigations, promote sector-wide service delivery improvements and ultimately, improve outcomes for children, youth, and families.

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Project Components
The project includes three components:

  • Three consultation sessions and an online survey to gather feedback from residential service providers in Ontario to inform the development of the compliance manual and to ensure all project activities meet the diverse needs of residential service providers and the populations they serve. 
  • The development of a compliance manual to support a province-wide approach to responding to PACY investigations and recommendations. The compliance manual will outline a standardized internal complaints procedure, contain standardized templates, and guidelines on how to work with PACY to respond to investigations. 
  • Two training sessions (Fall 2017). The training sessions will be developed and facilitated by a legal consultant to provide training to build the capacity of residential service providers to understand the new legislative requirements in the PACY Act and to respond to PACY investigations. The experience of residential service providers that have already been the subject of a PACY investigation will be used as case examples in the training.   

Consultation Session 1
The first consultation session was held on Friday, March 24th in Markham, Ontario.  You can access the presentations from this session below.

  1. Compliance Manual Presentation (pdf)
  2. PACY Presentation (pdf)
  3. An Overview of Investigations by the Advocate - Presentation (pdf)

Consultation Session 2
The second consultation session was held on Friday, June 9th in Mono, Ontario.  You can access the presentation from this session below.

You can also access information on investigations from the Office of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth below:

Details on future consultations/trainings, including registration, will be posted here.  To stay informed on upcoming consultations, training, and other updates regarding this important project, please email

Consultation Session 3
The third and final consultation session was held on Thursday, July 27th in Markham, Ontario. Attendees participated in the review of some of the templated forms/policies drafted for the compliance manual in order to ensure that the information is inclusive, accessible and understandable to all relevant parties. The manual’s purpose is to assist residential service providers in responding effectively to investigations conducted by the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth. To  review the draft templates for the compliance manual and provide your feedback, email Jennifer Foster, OPR Coordinator, at

Upcoming Training - November 2017
Training will be offered in two locations on two separate dates in November in order to ensure residential service providers have ample opportunity to participate (both sessions will be the same). As with all parts of the project, the training will be at no cost to you or your agency, and will be open to all Ontario residential service providers, including OARTY members and non-OARTY members. 

Please save the date for the training session nearest you (registration details will follow in the coming days).

Markham Training Session
Thursday, November 16th
Edward Village Markham
50 East Valhalla Drive
Markham, Ontario

Ottawa Training Session
Tentative Date – Friday, November 24th
Date and Location TBA