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A Circle of Support provides residential care and treatment to young people who have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. Most of the young people we serve can be also defined by a dual diagnosis. Each home can accommodate up to 7 children, both male and female, and can admit children from age 4 and older. The youth are matched by age in the homes, as much as possible. The homes are structured as family-like settings in Toronto and the neighbouring community of York region. We offer a highly structured, predictable environment, which is vital to successful outcomes in this population of special needs individuals. Skilled, trained child and youth workers implement individual program plans to further the child's development and independence in self care skills, life skills, functional and social communication skills, social and leisure skills, community orientation skills, and vocational planning. Additionally, we focus on the management of challenging behaviours, teaching and supporting self-regulation. Skills taught are age appropriate and functional to an individual's environment. In certain situations we have been able to offer respite care to families as an alternative to long term care. We offer family support to parents of our residents and partner with the schools and day treatment programs in order to maximize the growth potential for our residents.

Primary Contact

Ms. Andrea Rifkin, Executive Director
(905) 477-9909




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DC Services for Developmentally Challenged
MF Services for Medically Fragile
ED/BD Services for Emotionally Disturbed / Behaviourally Disordered